I just played the best remake of the original Legend of Zelda to date.

Have any of you heard of Zelda Classic?

Well if you haven’t, it’s a free PC game, not licensed by Nintendo of course, in which people can essentially make their own Legend of Zelda games, using the NES style gameplay, but there are a variety of options for graphics.

The game comes pre-loaded with the original NES edition of the game already on it. You can download the game, and any user made quests from the Zelda Classic Website.


HOWEVER, there is one quest that is a remake of the original game, the best I have seen to date, called, simply put, 1st Quest Remake.  Get it here.

It takes the original Legend of Zelda, vamps up the graphics to SNES “BS Zelda No Densetsu” levels.

It also re-arranges the map so that some of the geographic formations make a bit more sense, and adds more variety to the environments than sand, mountain, and woods.


There’s more life in the overworld, with windows in the mountainsides which old men look out of. There are actual shops, and not unmarked caves.

Burnable trees are a bit easier to spot. Bushes are added ( they are vases in dungeons ) And a few other little touches to the overworld as well.

Dungeons have been re-arranged as well. There are no giant square rooms anymore, every room has more unique shapes this time around. This can make certain rooms harder, as there is less space to flee from enemies in them.


Music’s also been given a bit of a facelift. Midis imported into the game use tracks from Link’s Awakening, A Link to the Past, and other sources, to give each dungeon a unique song, and have songs where there were none before.

There are only a few downsides I have encountered so far.

Bombs hurt you now, but that makes a bit more sense… Stop Watches do not last until you leave a square anymore. It is more like everything gets hit with a boomerang. And you cannot re-enter a boss room after you collect a dungeon’s triforce piece. If it closes behind you, you have no way of leaving the boss room without the triforce.


I recommend you classic fans give this a try, and then delve into some other quests made by classic Zelda fans. These screenshots don’t really do it justice, and based on playing another user made quest for ten minutes, it’s easy to see that a remake isn’t even close to Zelda Classic’s full potential.



To load a new quest, you have to register a name. Then, before starting it, click the window ( mine doesn’t like full screen for some reason ) and then go to load quest. You can only have three quests being played at a time it seems.

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